About Shuk Hanamal

Situated on the beautiful new port of Tel Aviv, Shuk Hanamal, Israel's first covered market, was established to answer the growing demand for daily access to high quality fresh and seasonal produce. Shuk Hanamal is a one stop shop for the best ingredients, both local and from around the world, available from a variety of specialty shops and stalls including local and seasonal fruit and vegetables grown “Good, clean & fair” by small and medium size producers and sold directly by them, specialty shops such as an organic fruit & veg shop, a butcher, a fishmonger, a Kosher charcuterie, a specialty wine shop, Italian coffee and soft ice cream, freshly squeezed fruit juices, an American style deli, a cheese shop, a bakery, fresh hand made pasta and canned goods from Italy & Spain, a variety of olives, local olive oils, honey, Halva and Tahini as well as a professional cookware store. The gallery level boasts a restaurant, a demonstration kitchen and a cooking workshop centre.
In addition to the mesmerizing seafront view, shops and stalls, the market offers a wide selection of dining venues with stalls, bars and restaurants offering anything from a light snack to an entire meal, throughout the day.
On Friday mornings, Shuk Hanamal joins forces with the Tel Aviv farmers market, already a local culinary institution, as small producers set up stalls in the adjacent squares for a unique culinary celebration.
Here is a link to the Market's picture gallery and Here is a detailed view of the various shops, stalls and stands.

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Our vision

Our main goal was to give the customers access to knowledge and the option to choose, as we have grown accustomed to retailers and supermarkets not giving out any information about foodstuffs, leaving out cruicial information like where it came from or how it was treated.
At Shuk Hanamal, we wanted to do things differently.
We wanted to offer a place that encourages a discussion with farmers, cheese makers and other producers, and that asking questions and gaining knowledge was an integral part of the shopping experience. We wanted the  customers to have the knowledge and freedom to choose one apple over another, to know more about where the meat they buy comes from and what it was fed or whether a certain cheese was produced from unpasteurized milk.
The market was designed by Architect Roee Hemed and is  the first green commercial building in Israel. Wind turbines and solar panels are also planned to generate and supply the energy needed to power the market, saving more then the annual  energy consumption of 15 homes per year.

The entrepreneurs

Michal Ansky

A food journalist and a television presenter. Worked as a writer in Ma’ariv newspaper and Derech Haochel magazine. Holds a Tel Aviv University Bachelor of Arts in History and Literature and a Master in Gastronomic Sciences by the Slow Food University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, specializing in food products quality.

Shir Halpern

Chef and food journalist. Graduate of the Cordon Blue in Paris, worked in Israel with chefs Erez Komorovsky and Eran Shtruiman and apprenticed both in France and the United States (under Chef Gerard Pangaud). A writer for “Al Hashulchan” magazine, cookbook editor and translator. A demonstrator at cooking workshops and menu designer for several restaurants. Holds a Tel Aviv University Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy and is now finishing a Master in History in the same institute, specializing in Food History

Roee Hemed

Architect and entrepreneur. Graduated summa com lauda at Tel Aviv University school of architecture. Founder and owner of ‘Hemed Architecture studio’ since 2002.

A selection of the market’s stalls and vendors

Shuk Hanamal is a one stop shop for the best ingredients, both local and from around the world and can be found in the various specialty shops and take a look at just some our fantastic vendours:
"Sherry Herring" is food writer and journalist Sherry Ansky’s latest venture. A leading figure in the local culinary landscape, Sherry Ansky’s stall offers fresh and marinated herring and anchovy, served in a crispy bread slathered with plenty of Dutch butter. Not to be missed.
Primo Deli offers the finest canned food from Spain & Italy including pasta, sauces, preserved cherries, anchovies, sardines and anything else that can be preserved in a can or a jar, vinegar or brine.
"Anshei Hazait", ‘the olive people’ offers a variety of olive oils and other olive based products, all of which are grown and made by Anshei Hazait.
Charcuteri Lewkowitz, are 3rd generation charcutieres from Paris, offering a large variety of Kosher salumi.
Klops is a Jewish Deli, specializing in Ashkenzi cuisine from Tchulent, chopped liver and klops to marinated beet and gefilte fish.
La Fromagerie offers over 700 brands of cheese from around the world  as well as fresh cream and ricotta delivered daily from the dairy. The shop is a collaboration between Basher’s mesmerizing Fromagerie shop at Ben Yehuda market in Jerusalem and Dotan’s family- run sheep’s milk dairy. The result is a cheese shop with the finest cheese from anywhere in the world (try them! They take pride in sourcing all and any cheese, allowing a few days notice, that is) alongside the  freshest cheese, milk and cream.
If you fancy a short break or a glass of cold local artisanal beer, Tortoga Tapas Bar offers a taste of the marketplace,  celebrating its ingredients. The menu changes on a daily basis, and the food is prepared here and now, once it is ordered, thus living up to the definition of a marketplace restaurant. The secret lies in simple happy dishes that celebrate fine produce.
Pasta Fiori offers a variety of fresh handmade colorful pasta, to eat at the stall or to take away.
Whether its Norwegian salmon or fresh oysters, the produce at Fishenzon fish and seafood stall changes daily, depending on the sea’s offering.
The original 'Deli - cious' meat deli located in North Tel Aviv, opened 30 years ago and has since gained a reputation for its high quality meat products. In addition to the Pastrami made daily on the premises, Delicious also specialize in burgers, kebabs and steak sandwiches not to be missed.
In 2002 Uri Scheft opened Lehamim, a bakery specializing in a variety of breads and pastries. Many of the baked goods here are based on traditional baking methods taken from places with a long baking tradition such as Denmark, France, Italy and Russia. Treat yourself to a sandwich, a croissant or a dense Russian rye bread.
At Hakerem wine shop you will find that perfect bottle of red to go for  the dinner party you are planning on throwing.
The original and reputable Mu VaMu butchery shop opened in Rehovot in 1984 and this is their second branch offering the finest meat, carefully sourced from the finest local growers and breeders.
Ziv and Neta "Shwartman's offers a large variety of fresh organic produce grown in their farm in Netaim, picked and sold daily .
Make sure not to miss the various fresh fruit and vegetables stands, the cured olives, mushrooms, apples and potatoes, olive oil and flower stand.
We are still working hard and theres lots more to come with a planned café and culinary library to open upstairs, right next to the demonstration kitchen and workshop centre.
Hope to see you soon!

How to find us

Hangar 12
The Port of Tel Aviv
Monday through Thursday
08:30 am – 8 pm
Friday –  7 am - 4 pm
Saturday – 08:30 am – 8 pm
Food stalls, Kitchen Market & Tapas Bar are open daily till 11pm daily
TEL/FAX- 972-0775493094