The entrepreneurs

michalMichal Ansky

A food journalist and a television presenter. Worked as a writer in Ma’ariv newspaper and Derech Haochel magazine. Holds a Tel Aviv University Bachelor of Arts in History and Literature and a Master in Gastronomic Sciences by the Slow Food University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, specializing in food products quality.



Shir Halpern

Chef and food journalist. Graduate of the Cordon Blue in Paris, worked in Israel with chefs Erez Komorovsky and Eran Shtruiman and apprenticed both in France and the United States (under Chef Gerard Pangaud). A writer for “Al Hashulchan” magazine, cookbook editor and translator. A demonstrator at cooking workshops and menu designer for several restaurants. Holds a Tel Aviv University Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy and is now finishing a Master in History in the same institute, specializing in Food History.


roee_hemedRoee Hemed

Architect and entrepreneur. Graduated summa com lauda at Tel Aviv University school of architecture. Founder and owner of ‘Hemed Architecture studio’ since 2002.




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