Our vision
Our main goal was to give the customers access to knowledge and the option to choose, as we have grown accustomed to retailers and supermarkets not giving out any information about foodstuffs, leaving out cruicial information like where it came from or how it was treated.
At Shuk Hanamal, we wanted to do things differently.
We wanted to offer a place that encourages a discussion with farmers, cheese makers and other producers, and that asking questions and gaining knowledge was an integral part of the shopping experience. We wanted the  customers to have the knowledge and freedom to choose one apple over another, to know more about where the meat they buy comes from and what it was fed or whether a certain cheese was produced from unpasteurized milk.
The market was designed by Architect Roee Hemed and is  the first green commercial building in Israel. Wind turbines and solar panels are also planned to generate and supply the energy needed to power the market, saving more then the annual  energy consumption of 15 homes per year.

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