About Shuk Hanamal
Situated on the beautiful new port of Tel Aviv, Shuk Hanamal, Israel's first covered market, was established to answer the growing demand for daily access to high quality fresh and seasonal produce. Shuk Hanamal is a one stop shop for the best ingredients, both local and from around the world, available from a variety of specialty shops and stalls including local and seasonal fruit and vegetables grown “Good, clean & fair” by small and medium size producers and sold directly by them, specialty shops such as an organic fruit & veg shop, a butcher, a fishmonger, a Kosher charcuterie, a specialty wine shop, Italian coffee and soft ice cream, freshly squeezed fruit juices, an American style deli, a cheese shop, a bakery, fresh hand made pasta and canned goods from Italy & Spain, a variety of olives, local olive oils, honey, Halva and Tahini as well as a professional cookware store. The gallery level boasts a restaurant, a demonstration kitchen and a cooking workshop centre.
In addition to the mesmerizing seafront view, shops and stalls, the market offers a wide selection of dining venues with stalls, bars and restaurants offering anything from a light snack to an entire meal, throughout the day.
On Friday mornings and Thursday afternoon, Shuk Hanamal joins forces with the Tel Aviv farmers market, already a local culinary institution, as small producers set up stalls in the adjacent squares for a unique culinary celebration.
Here is a link to the Market's picture gallery and Here is a detailed view of the various shops, stalls and stands.

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